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THE VERTICA DVIVEDI SHOW DR KIRAN BEDI X VERTICA DVIVEDI 13 JUNE/ 5 PM/ SATURDAY Navigating through a crisis is what a leader is looked up to. This road is difficult and challenging. With the outbreak of COVID, which is testing not only our grit & determination but also our mental health. Positivity is the need of the day. There is a constant need of reassurance & learning how to move through the slippery ground. Here comes our SPECIAL GUEST, Dr KIRAN BEDI who is known for her positivity, phenomenal leadership, undying spirit, and her tremendous energy and her ability to MOVE TO THE TOP of the chart every time and in everything that she does through navigating innumerable CHALLENGES, OBSTACLES and TOUGH TIMES. As truly said by someone, TOUGH TIMES DO NOT LAST, TOUGH PEOPLE DO.

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ASIA BOOK OF RECORD: Largest human ‘W’ formation by all WOMEN Water Warriors for Mass WATER Awareness led by Vertica Dvivedi

More than 500 women came together to pledge towards Water Conservation creating the world record for the largest human formation of the letter ‘W’ by all women at the NSIC Grounds, Okhla on the 12th October between 8 to 9 AM. All of them wore blue caps (blue representing water) with the logo of inverted umbrella which stands for ‘Water Conservation’. ‘W’ represents Women standing for Water. This saw the beginning of the community of Women Water Warriors. Initiated by the Vertica Dvivedi, Chairperson, WADE Foundation, the massive awareness campaign brought together the community of women who will be working towards ‘Water’ in various capacities.

The enthusiasm and rigour with which people participated and came together at 8 AM on a Saturday morning delighted the judges at ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS. “An immensely positive sign which showed great possibility for communities to stand for social cause,” said one of the judges!

Vertica Dvivedi who is also the founder of WADE ASIA, Asia’s largest platform for Women Architects, Designers, Artists and Engineers said, “Creating a world record and getting recognized by ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS is very encouraging for all the Women Water Warriors. I consider it as the beginning for many more great things to come. WADE FOUNDATION will be working on various water related initiatives from January 2020 onward. We will be calling for the submission of water related projects soon. I am thankful to all the group leaders, volunteers, and associations who supported this.”

Special thanks to WADE ASIA for including WATER as a key theme and executing this initiative! Thanks to supporting partners: JK Business School, Pearl Academy, Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, Gurgaon Community Circle, Boss Ladies, WOO, NOW Foundation, Dwarka Moms, Womennovator, Develop India Foundation, Helping Hands AIDER, Delhi Veg Lions International, and Rajasthani Academy.

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WADE ASIA – a mega success story of Women-led design & development in Asia


WADE ASIA – Hugely successful 4th Edition of Asia’s Largest Celebration of Women-led Developments in Architecture, Art, Design and Engineering concluded in New Delhi WADE ASIA – Asia’s largest platform for women-led developments in Architecture, Art, Design and Engineering successfully concluded its 4th year of celebration on the 11th and 12th of October 2019 at the NSIC Grounds, New Delhi. The platform created by Vertica Dvivedi aim towards knowledge sharing, networking, rewarding and recognizing of work done by women. WADE ASIA 2019 in Numbers: WADE ASIA witnessed massive turnout and scaled up several times this year.

• Turnout rose from 1200 to 7000+ visitors

• 1500+ project entries submitted by women

• 246 shortlists from all over India

• 55 winners among women in design

• 3 Top Nominated WADE Award winners

• Area grew from 18000 to 65000 sqft

• 28 Hours of Power Packed Conference

• 170+ Speakers, Jury & Special Guests


Founder Director and Chief Curator of WADE ASIA, Vertica Dvivedi commented, “Having designed the exhibition structure along with content curation was a mammoth task! I hope WADE ASIA could match up to the expectations in Content on stage and the quality of speakers. The highly volatile market with sentiments at the lowest, added to our pain. We swam totally against the tide, doubled our efforts and continued walking on a very rough patch, without any expectations. We are blessed to see the outcome and full of gratitude to WADE Jury, Partners, Team, Collaborators, and Speakers who stood by WADE ASIA to make it successful.”


WADE ASIA 2019 – key highlights:

• World Record was created on 12 October 2019 (8 to 9 AM) with the largest number of women (500+) standing together to form W shape on NSIC ground, New Delhi for promoting water awareness. ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS judged the process and presented Certificate and Medal. More info in

• WADE Top Awards: Top WADE ASIA Awards were presented to 3 women from the fields of Water, Sustainable Architecture and Engineering respectively, Amla Ruia from Mumbai, Sheila Sri Prakash from Chennai and Sangeeta Wij from New Delhi

• WADE Theme: Women – Water – Workmanship

• WADE Keynotes: Legendary architect Shirish Beri presented on “Towards an Architecture of Goodness” while Rajeev Talwar, Chairperson, NAREDCO, talked about current scenario of India’s Real Estate

• WADE Design Galore: 10 designers from all over India collaborated for Design Galore

• WADE Workshops: Over 5 workshops were held viz. Red Oxide Flooring, Universal Accessibility for the disabled by Ar Kavita Murugkar, Mid-career alternate career options for women on a break Ar Gita Balakrishnan, Brand communication, Students workshop by Indian Institute of Architects (women committee) and more.


Guest of Honour, Rajeev Talwar, Chairperson, National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) and CEO, DLF Ltd. mentioned WADE ASIA in his special address: “It is a great privilege for me to be here at WADE ASIA in its 4th year. I think it’s a great breakthrough. If you can sustain a show for 4 years with women Architects, Designers, Artists and Engineers, to recognise the contribution of women, I am quite sanguine WADE ASIA is set to increase geometrically and become more significant in skill development among women.”

A platform respected not only for its intent but also immensely well-curated content, WADE ASIA’s theme this year was – WOMEN, WATER, WORKMANSHIP. ZEE BUSINESS was the Television partner of WADE ASIA 2019.


The final Jury process for the WADE Awards 2019 was held on the first day with 1500+ submission brought down to over 246 shortlisted entries from across India. 50 entries were selected as the final winners. The highest WADE Award, also called the ‘Blue WADE’ was awarded for Lifetime Achievement to Amla Ruia, Founder Aakar Charitable Trust. The WADE Sustainability Champion of the Year award was awarded to Sheila Sri Prakash for her outstanding contribution towards green and sustainable architecture and design practices. The WADE Engineer of the Year winner was Sangeeta Wij, MD, Prime SD Engineering Consultants and Former Director (Technical) Aecom India Pvt Ltd. Apart from this, over 55 Women across India were awarded in categories such as YoungWADe, Best Use of Colour in Architecture and Interior Design, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Public Building, Healthcare, Educational and more.

Why #Busy #Entrepreneurs & Professionals must have a Hobby! Here’s how I have added life to my work with a #Hobby


Having lived and living the life of a busy entrepreneur who was fortunate enough to successfully start a hobby in the middle of impossible work deadlines, here I am opening up and sharing tips for the first time. These practical points helped me to start a hobby, retain and be consistent, so I believe these tips will help you too. I have also shared some of my personal stories of Pain due of extreme work related Pressure & Stress.

By the way… … DO YOU KNOW, having a hobby is much MORE IMPORTANT for BUSY INDIVIDUALS than anyone else? HOW CAN YOU LIVE A much more FULFILLING life even with your busy schedule? How to make a PRACTICAL CHOICE of HOBBY that improves the quality of your life? And Refreshes, Rejuvenates and Recharges your mind? What are the common mistakes people make that leads to discontinuing a hobby? How to consistently PURSUE a HOBBY? I have tried to answer these questions. If you have any other query, feel free to write to me.

Studio of Padma Bhushan Awardee Rajeev Sethi – Vaarta with Vertica

WEF Dwarka 2017 – Tango Hall – Plenary Session on 12th Sep 2017 from 02:00pm – 04:00pm (Part-7)

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