The Power of Local Dialogues! SRPR The Talk of Town

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The Power of Local Dialogues

With the election results out and the Government coming back in power, the air of uncertainty is relinquishing. The Government has brought a lot of reforms in the last five years, many of which overhauled the way businesses were run. Finally, in the next tenure, it is expected to provide a stronger platform for businesses to take-off. Architects, Designers, Brands and the Real estate fraternity must gear up to make the best of it.

While with the much loved mega architecture event WADe Asia we are able to connect architects, designers and artists nationally and stir important conversations yet I always felt a vacuum. Thus, to churn ideas at the local level, we had initiated Surfaces Reporter’s The Talk of Town city events, of which we recently successfully completed 11 editions. Some of the cities covered recently are Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Delhi and Bangalore.

I have seen the power of local dialogues.

As the Mayor of Ahmedabad shared her vision for the city during Surfaces Reporter’s The Talk of Town, her dreams gained strength with the active participation of the audience, who provided some great suggestions for the improvement of the city. As a media we not only initiated, conceptualised and organised the event, we are also compiling the points to be submitted to the Mayor for further action. Smt Bijal Patel shared that in the next meeting, architects will be invited for a discussion.

In a similar instance at Bangalore SRPR The Talk of Town event, we listened to Dr Shobha Reddy who shared about their citizen initiative of rejuvenating the lake Rachenahalli, how a small task force of 8 has transformed into a bandwagon of 200 people today, they motivated everyone to take actions rather than just talking about it.

Power is no more in the Big, the Great or the Mighty. Power is in ‘Action’ and the capability to bring about ‘Change.’

You all have a voice, an opinion that can make a difference, a thought that can bring a change. I, thereby, invite decision-makers, architects, designers, artists and enablers to come together on the engaging platform of WADe Asia and SRPR The Talk of Town city events and share ideas and experience, so that we all can learn and grow collaboratively.

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Power is no more in the Big, the Great or the Mighty. Power is in ‘Action’ and the capability to bring about ‘Change'.
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