Busy Entrepreneurs & Professionals – have a hobby that enhances your life!

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Busy People - have a hobby

BUSY ENTREPRENEURS, Have More out of Life & Work! Have a Hobby! Myself having lived and living the life of a busy first generation entrepreneur who has experimently stumbled upon this formula of balancing strenuous work with a hobby that complements it, I am opening up and sharing tips for the first time.

These points helped me to transform from being a Workaholic Robot on Auto mode to a Person who is Happy and Joyful. And yes, doing much more work than I have ever done! I worked on myself and deliberately prescribed a Hobby for self which I am pursuing consistently. I have also shared some of my personal stories of Pain due of extreme work related Pressure & Stress.


Having a hobby is much MORE IMPORTANT for BUSY INDIVIDUALS than anyone else.
How to make a PRACTICAL CHOICE of HOBBY that improves the quality of your life, Refreshes, Rejuvenates and Recharges your mind?

Read on… or just watch the video

Does the mention of sports, photography, music, cooking, or playing guitar bring a cheerful smile to your face?

Are you one who is thinking of starting a hobby but do not know how?

Have you ever started an old hobby but couldn’t continue?

Do you think your busy schedule has no time or space for a hobby?

Do you suffer from the syndromes ‘what will people think?’ or ‘can I still do it?’ and do not know how to overcome?

Are you one who is pursuing a hobby but feel that it takes too much of your time and difficult to continue?

If any of the above is true for you, welcome to the circle of HDBI. I have specially coined this term to define people like you and me who are Hobby Deprived Busy Individuals.

You are not alone. I was one who stayed away from anything that could steal even a second from my work time. Because of work pressure, deadlines, family responsibilities, most of us stay away from hobbies fearing that would consume our precious time.

I can clearly picture myself as I am writing this. Research for Surfaces Reporter magazine was over and we were supposed to start the project. I didn’t realise life would go so topsy-turvy for years together. In less than 20 days, 1st issue was out and we were in Germany to share the first copy with the best designers & producers of the world. Those 3-5 years were full of traveling, shoots, visits, writing, photography, and more. While I fondly remember shooting with India’s Top Models, Milind Soman & Rahul Dev for the cover, having legendary singer Asha Bhosle on cover, meeting Zaha Hadid and the memories of visiting some of the beautiful architecture, design, hospitality setups and more. Together with them comes the reminisces of stretching every 24 hours with endless running, restless breathing, round the clock work, while so… so… deeply missing the infant I had left back home.

In the first few years of the project, I spent sleepless nights for 48-72 hours at a stretch, several times per month, to ensure proper editing, design, research and meeting of deadline. Sleep was often deliberately sacrificed to ensure getting time with the family when they are awake.

Work demands perfection and I have learnt that perfection comes with a heavy cost.

If you think what a tough life I lived, let me take you to a decade past this. Life was comparatively tougher for me a decade back when I reached Delhi with a small backpack and few hundred rupees. Back then, I was trying to understand the new city and desperately trying to find a little space for myself.

Though I scaled up from very small level and got a lot of success, stress was a continuous companion. Nothing comes without a cost. As years passed by, I became more and more rigid, angry, and unhappy. I almost forgot how to smile.


Let me fast forward to the scene today, I am doing much more work and handling multiple business executions, challenges and deadlines yet I feel more peaceful and not in pieces. I just made one change in my life. I added a hobby and disciplined myself to pursue it.

For busy people, just pursuing a hobby is not enough. It is very important to be able to use the hobby to build & enhance your life

Now the big questions are:

  • Is having a hobby and pursuing it enough for the best work self balance?

My answer is No. Not enough for busy people. To ensure your work life has significant positive impact, it is important to make a great selection of hobby and use it effectively to enhance the quality of your life.

  • How to start a hobby in between such busy deadlines and high-pressure work?
  • Will you be able to take the hobby and responsibilities along?
  • What are the challenges you may face and how to overcome them?
  • How to consistently pursue a hobby?

I have answered most of the questions in the video. If you have any queries, please use the contact form to write to me.

Have a happy life!

Love from Vertica Dvivedi

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