“A thorny path to a beautiful destination is worth trudging”

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For many reasons, I was desperate to start working while in class XI. This is the story of how I got opportunity for 1st work. But could I deliver? Read…

"I started waiting for the call and dreaming of my first project. But the call never came. Deeply discouraged, I had lost all hopes and settled back to routine. I was glad I didn't share this incident with others."

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. The road to any goal goes through  action and experiences. Embarking on a roller coaster ride becomes bearable if you are clear about your goal. And do not hesitate to keep a Plan-B ready.

For many reasons, I was desperate to start working while in class XI. I was in science stream. Circumstances were also not favourable, moreover, I lived with my aunt who would never allow my unusual whims & fancies to ever grow wings. So in a way, nothing was in my control, except my thoughts & beliefs.

I started to visualize about working while studying, that too on something creative which can immerse me into deep ocean of dreams, quite unlike school. Those thoughts were so beautiful that at times I would deliberately drift into such moments in between my studies. One day, my cousin sister (didi) took me along; to an organization she was visiting. To pass time, I was reading a newspaper, and almost jumped on noticing my poem published in it. Didi who was quite embarrassed, explained the matter to the curious person sitting on the other side of table, and in no time, he offered me to design the communication for a UPS company that belonged to his friend.

While returning, didi warned me not to even think of getting into such things and to tear off the address. I had some other plan.

Next day right after school, I ran to the UPS office. My school dress was wet due to rain. As I was looking through their glass door, trying to figure out it is open or not, someone opened the door from inside. In the interview most of my answers were ‘no’ because I knew nothing, never worked, no experience, etc. However, I was extremely confident about doing the best. I wanted that work desperately. The bearded man looked strangely at me and then said, “Show me tomorrow what you can do.” I was so delighted that I took the papers and went out without my school bag. Someone came after me to give my bag.

“I can catch up sleep tomorrow,” I said to myself and worked for the whole night. Even in school next day, my mind was filled with images & ideas of UPS. Next day, when I went to show my work, the bearded man was not present. As a school girl, it was beyond my understanding what I should do. Coming again was not easy. I requested his team to look at my work and tell me but no one paid attention. The lady receptionist kept my files and said they will call. I tried to explain how important this assignment was for me but she just continued her work even without looking at me.

Back home, I started waiting for the call and dreaming of myfirst project. But the call never came. Deeply discouraged & saddened, after 10-15 days, I had lost all hopes and settled back to routine. I was glad I didn’t share this with others.

One evening as I got down from school bus, a guy in a motorbike stopped by and informed that Mr. Mukherjee wants to meet me. Anxiously, I reached there without giving a chance to my mind to weave more dreams. I was exhausted.

I smiled at the receptionist. Without returning a smile back, she showed me toward the conference. I sat there biting my lips. The bearded man joined me. Strangely, he was smiling, and asked me about my school, studies, family, but not a word about the work. Finally with a heavy heart, I asked the grave question.

He asked back, “you didn’t see?” I said, “no”. He turned back and gave me the printed designs. I cannot express how elated I was feeling to see my work, as if I was flying in the sky. It almost seemed to me like I was dreaming with my eyes wide open. I was in tears. Not knowing how to pacify me, he called in for the lady receptionist. The good lady was as expressionless as ever which made me laugh.

This is the story of my first project. We all strive for goals & experiences that complete us. While having a broader vision, it is important to accomplish smaller goals. Someday, I will share my experience of starting WADe India.

If you are facing difficult time which is pushing you away from your goal, remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. So, do not quit. With the vision of the destination ahead, stand up every time you fall. A thorny path to a beautiful destination is definitely worth trudging!

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